Extra Credit Assignments

You have three opportunities for extra credit. Feel free to do as many as you wish. They are all group extra credit opportunities. All three are due on Sunday 3/13/2016 at 11:59pm.


Revisit Inspiration

Before the implementation of your prototype, you compiled a list of inspirations. Since then, your prototype has probably made so many twists and turns and transformations that it is no longer recognizable as the idea that you started off with. To prepare for your final presentation, update your knowledge of related projects. Related projects can be existing applications, artifacts, products, or services that relate to your concept. Here, web search is your friend (potentially useful sites include Google, Google Scholar, the ACM Digital Library, TechCrunch, Engadget...). Pick the five related projects that a juror is mostly like to ask you "How are you different than _____?" In some cases, this might be a similar service like another to-do list, photo-sharing app, or party-finder. In other cases, it might be repurposing general services like Google Docs or Twitter.

Pick out your five favorite related projects. For each project, write a ~2 sentences that would answer juror questions like, "How are you different from _____? Why would people use your application instead of _____? In what situations would people use _____ instead of your application?"

The rubric below contains criteria that are worth one point each and will be graded independently and in a binary fashion.