Spring 2017

Advanced Interaction Design

COGS 160

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see my assignment scores?

You will be able to access your assignment scores here. To look at points by the rubric for each assignment, view the sheet for each assignment in the same document.

How can I submit a regrade request?

If you believe your assignment score does not match the rubric, submit a regrade request on piazza within 7 days. Tag the post (whether private or not) to be part of the "regrade" folder and include

  • Your student ID#.
  • The assignment number.
  • The rubric item you believe was scored incorrectly.
  • An explanation of why you think you deserve a higher score.
Requests made orally, after 7 days, or with disrespectful language will not be accepted. Scott will regrade the entire assignment to ensure quality; this revised grade will be your final score. Make sure the staff have access to all materials needed.

How do I contact the teaching staff?

If you have a question, post it on piazza. Don't send any emails. This includes all questions about assignment clarifications and class requirements. Answering all questions in a public place means that every student has access to the same information. It's both efficient and fair.

When can I expect a response by on Piazza?

We will respond to all questionss on piazza within 24hrs. Please do not expect an immediate response.