The GradStudio Project is a free, open online project you can join to give and receive feedback on your graduate application essays. To join the Peer Review Essay Project, you should have a full and complete draft of your application essay, either a personal statement, statement of purpose, or a research statement (what is a research statement?). This does not have to be a final or "polished" essay, but should have a beginning, middle, and end in order for you to get the most out of the project. Please be sure you title your essay as either a research statement or statement of purpose/personal statement so that your reviewers will know how to give you the best feedback.

  1. Fill out the survey by clicking "get started" on the front page of The GradStudio Project
  2. Click on the link in the email we sent you to be taken to your assignment in PeerStudio (click re-send email below if you have lost the link). When you get there, click "Create/Edit Your Draft". The first time you do this you will need to create a PeerStudio account:
    1. Click "I have a password" underneath the "1-click sign-in" buttons that appear.
    2. Click "Sign Up" at the bottom of the form that appears.
    3. Fill in the form to create your PeerStudio account. Remember your password, as you will need it to log back in to PeerStudio in the future.
  3. Once you complete this, you will be logged in and taken to the assignment page. There, you will be able to upload your essay for peer review.
  4. You will then be prompted to review 2 other graduate application essays. Instructions for reviewing will be provided. Be a thoughtful and helpful reviewer!
  5. Once you have completed the required peer review and others have reviewed your essay, you will have the option to view the feedback on your essay.
  6. To complete the project, you will submit your essay with revisions to get another round of useful feedback!
  7. The deadline for the entire project, including both submissions and the end survey, is December 1st! Be sure to complete all your peer reviews and the end survey by this date to get the most benefit from the project. The end survey will be sent via email a few days before December 1st.

Got lost? Need help? Check out the FAQs. If your question isn’t answered there, email