Spring 2017

Advanced Interaction Design

COGS 160

Tuesday & Thursday, 12:30PM – 1:50PM, HSS 1346

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Scott Klemmer, Atkinson 1601B, Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:30PM ‒ 4:30PM

TA: Janet Johnson, Atkinson 1601, Office Hours: Thursdays 3:30PM ‒ 4:00PM


This is a studio class for students who are passionate about diving deep into interaction design and honing their design skills. Introduces social computing, input & interaction techniques, and information design. Students will regularly present their work in a studio format. The class will be pretty informal, and we'll adjust things as we go. So if there's something you'd like to see, let me know! Note: As an advanced class, the assignment descriptions will be sparser and more open-ended than in an intro class. You'll need to do more work to creatively interpret the design briefs. This will be a great class for students who seek creative freedom. Students who prefer that all details be specified should not take this class.

COGS 160 is a 4-unit course, open to all students who meet two pre-reqs: (CSE 8B or CSE 11) and (Cogs 120 or CSE 170)..
Students registered for the class will receive a letter grade; the "credit/no credit" option is not available.
Students in this course are encouraged to enroll in the Design at Large seminar for 1 unit (details).

Course Structure

Each week, we will cover a topic in Interaction Design. For some, you will prep with a reading/video. You will complete a short design project for each. When assignments are due, please bring a print copy of your work to class.

Parts of the course expand on topics introduced in my online classes on Social Computing and Input & Interaction.


Th 4/6 A1: Design Inspiration
Tu 4/11 - Tu 4/25 A2: Selecting an item
Th 4/27 - Th 5/11 A3: Computing by the Inch, Foot, & Yard
Tu 5/16 - Th 6/6 A4: Lead User Innovation


The quarter totals 200 points.

Assignments (4/6 to 6/6): 75% - 150 points max.

Final Assignment (due on 6/8): 10% - 20 points max.

Feedback: 5% - 10 points max. A point will be lost each time you skip providing peer feedback via the tool.

Participation: 10% - 20 points max.

In this class, as with any, the grade you earn reflects your performance. We don't 'mark off' for anything.
We know you work hard, and want you to receive the grade you earned. Occasionally, grading mistakes happen, and it's important to us to correct them. If you believe your assignment score does not match the rubric, submit a regrade request on Piazza within 7 days of receiving your score. List the score that you think is most accurate for each rubric item, and explain why that score is more accurate than the one you received. Scott will regrade the entire assignment to ensure quality; this revised grade will be your final score. Make sure the staff have access to all materials needed. Oral requests will not be accepted.